How to choose the Barcelona tour that’s right for you

Are you a little lost after reviewing the many Barcelona private tours you can possibly take? They all seem interesting, don’t they? But after all, you only have a few days  in Barcelona and there’s only so much you can do. Don’t worry. The goal of this post is to help you choose the tour or tours that are right for you out of the many choices I present on my website.

The first important decision is whether you should take a walking tour or one with a driver and a guide. In choosing this, you may consider:

  • Amount of walking you are comfortably with. If you enjoy walking, but don’t want or can’t walk or stand for a long time, choose the tour with driver and guide.
  • Whether you have children with you. In this case, having the vehicle so that the children can have some down time while we move from place to place truly helps make the touring experience smoother for the children and for the parents.
  • Number of people in your party. The bigger your party is, the more difficult it becomes to move from district to district to explore the different attractions in an efficient manner. If there are two or three of you (plus the guide), we can easily jump into a taxi to get to those places which are further out, but as the number of participants increase that becomes more difficult.
  • Budget: a walking tour is logically more affordable than one with driver and guide.

The tours outside the city are always with driver and guide.

Once you have decided the kind of tour you’d like to take, then the following question is how many tours to take. In order to help you with that, I have a couple of suggested 2 and 3- day itineraries on my website that can help you.

For most people, one or two half day city tours is enough. If you decide to take just one, it can be an overview of the main highlights. If you take two city tours, we can see things with more detail, and include more inside visits. It all depends on the depth you are looking for.

I also recommend that you take one tour outside the city. The region is so gorgeous! Montserrat is a great choice for a half day tour but you can review the other options to find the one that really suits your specific interests.


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